4 Ways To Avoid Jewelry Allergies

June 6, 2023

Statistics indicate that nearly 10% of the population experience jewelry allergies. In most cases, they are triggered by metals and...

Wisp: Teaching Me About My Body

April 27, 2023

Thanks to Wisp for sponsoring this blog post + making care accessible. I recently had the opportunity to partner with...

10 Ways How You Can Improve Your Sleeping Habits

April 27, 2023

Getting enough restful sleep each night is essential to good health and overall well-being, yet some find it challenging. In...

7 Ways to Overcome Your Anxiety

April 24, 2023

There are several ways to help you get your mental health back on track and feel better about yourself and...

Ready For Flawless Skin? Follow These Steps To Achieve The Perfect Glow

April 17, 2023

Dull, dry, oily or acne prone skin can impact dramatically on your self confidence, causing you to shy away from...

Alexa’s Guide To Austin

April 12, 2022

Austin has my heart. Not a boy named Austin, but the city of Austin. I’m making this list small because...

Debating Different Forms Of Birth Control With Dr. David Ghozland (IUD, PHEXXI & more)

December 27, 2021

This episode features a doctor and his personal opinions. Please consult your own doctor before changing birth control or getting...


October 6, 2020

Yesterday I went to the OBGYN for my annual appointment (ladies, so important that you go!) and had a few...

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