Episode 86// Fitness Entrepreneur Janine Delaney

August 21, 2019

More often than not, you have to work a “stable” 9-5 job to be able to afford to run your...

You May Feel Lost

August 16, 2019

It’s totally normal to be scared of the unknown. You may be struggling with landing your dream job, frustrated you’re...

Episode 85// Time To Move On And Up

August 14, 2019

Happy Wednesday! First thing first, I’m thrilled to announce This is Life Unfiltered is officially available on iHeartRadio podcasts! Download...

Back-to-School Shopping with Candie’s at Kohl’s

August 14, 2019

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Kohl’s and meets all FTC related regulations. Photography by Fouda Studios. LOVE...

What You Should Know About Finsta’s

August 7, 2019

EPISODE 84// Did you know 160,000 kids in the United States are afraid to go to school everyday because of...

Don’t Let Social Media Ruin You

August 2, 2019

Earlier this week I tried convincing my mom to put me back on her car insurance but she refuses to...


August 2, 2019

#FearlessFridays You guys all know what being fearless means to me. To say the least, it’s the only way I...

#WCW: Ava DuVernay

July 31, 2019

#WCW Meet Ava DuVernay, producer & my personal inspiration. If you’re not familiar with Ava, maybe you’re familiar with the...

Episode 83// Aja Dang, An OG Influencer

July 31, 2019

I started my blog in September of 2011, just a short while after bloggers like Chiara Ferragni and Aimee Song...

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