November 26, 2021

OUR BIGGEST SALE YET! Buy one, get 2 calls free through MONDAY on Mentor Match! Get matched with mentors in...

Helicopter Parenting 101

November 18, 2021

The next webinar for Be Fearless Summit is December 1st, 2021 with Yashoda Bhaskar! I interviewed Yashoda on The New...

How I Made Myself A Morning Person

November 18, 2021

I constantly wonder to myself whether people are born to be morning people or night people, or if training yourself...

PSA: Parents, It’s Not Your Fault You’re Clueless

November 11, 2021

I had 4 presentations this week and wow – each of them got better and better! I kicked off the...


November 9, 2021

According to Pew, the most common responses on a survey they created about what people think about cancel culture by...

Monday Motivation: How To Live A Fearless & Bold Life While Dealing With Anxiety

November 1, 2021

Staying on the theme of understanding your personality type, wrapped a very fun interview with KXAN News in Austin this...

The New Unfiltered: Surrounded by Idiots

November 1, 2021

I’m incredibly fascinated by personality types. I’ve always been super intrigued by watching and understanding how people communicate. One of...

In Conversation With: Concordia & Future Talks To Come

October 25, 2021

I might not have gone to college, but I spend enough time at colleges presenting and working on summits with...

Dress with Success with Isha Casagrande

October 25, 2021

Last week, Isha and I hosted the second Mentor Match webinar on dressing for success. If you know me, you...

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