I Got My IUD Removed, & Here’s What Happened To My Body/Skincare Routine

January 22, 2021

  I’ve noticed my skin totally transform over the past few months. I got my IUD removed and my period...


January 19, 2021

Serious celeb  on this episode today. Meet my mother, Audrey. How did she end up in America? Did I show...

The New Unfiltered: Final Episode, Season 1

January 11, 2021

Season 1 with Alix is wrapping up a few episodes earlier than anticipated so I can get back to what...

My Trip To Vail With Antlers Resort

January 10, 2021

My therapist told me to take a few weeks off and after 4 months of not listening to her, I...

Why I’m Moving To Austin, Texas

January 10, 2021

Los Angeles, Los Angeles. You’ve been good to me. But I’m comfortable, and that’s why I’m leaving your almond milk...

BFS Ambassadors Doing Good

December 23, 2020

  Last week on social media, Be Fearless Summit announced a giveaway to win a $50 Target gift card. The...

The Alexa Curtis Way To Pitch

December 14, 2020

Writing emails can be a waste of time if you’re not getting to the point soon enough. I hosted a...


December 14, 2020

My friend Alix and I went to Aspen for an interview for a potential TV show a few months ago,...

The 2020 Teen Gift Guide

November 30, 2020

This is part of a sponsored opportunity with some of the brands listed below that helps Life Unfiltered with Alexa...

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