6 October 2020

Yesterday I went to the OBGYN for my annual appointment (ladies, so important that you go!) and had a few questions for my doctor. As the election comes up, one of the hottest topics on the table is women’s rights. One of the main reasons I’m voting for Biden/Harris is because I have no fear in my mind that his team will try and take away more rights for women. During the past 4 years that Trump has been in office, he’s continued to try and defund Planned Parenthood, and was able to pass a bill earlier this year that enables companies to not have to provide birth control for free to their women employees. Prior to that bill being passed, women were offered free birth control by their employer under their insurance plan. That law not only directly effects any women that works at a company, but impacts minority women even more, because black women statistically have a harder time getting birth control than white women.

I’ve had an IUD for years. I was on the pill for I think 6 months when I was 17 and hated it. My mom is a nurse and she convinced me to switch to the IUD, and I’ve loved it! The only downside was when it goes in and comes out: it’s incredibly uncomfortable. But truly the “pain” you’re in for 20-30 minutes afterwards is nothing compared to not having to think about any form of fear like a child (lol) when you are sexually active. Every 3-5 years you have to get it taken out (I have the Kyleena) and the question I’m always asked by friends is how painful it is to get in/out. Before I explain the process, I think it’s important to understand the difference between IUD’s. Some of them have hormones and some of them don’t. The crazy stories you’ve heard from friends about their IUD’s getting lost in their bodies or screwing up their cycles are from the copper IUD. I have no clue why doctors prescribe that form of BC when it’s got serious side effects. Once you make an appointment, make sure you aren’t leaving with the copper IUD. There’s no reason to get that one when you can have the one I have.

I asked my doctor about any side effects to the IUD I currently have, that I’ve had in for almost 5 years, and he was honest with me yesterday. There aren’t any side effects, and the loss of period that most women have can be a preventative for ovarian cancer. When I had an eating disorder and lost my period, I was always nervous about the repercussions of losing it. With the IUD, it’s a totally different situation.

I’ve gone to every doctor appointment to get it in/out alone and I’ve never felt the need to go in with someone because I’m scared of being in pain. Like I mentioned, the few minutes where you’re uncomfortable to save yourself years of worry is totally worth it. Some girls have no pain when it goes in/out, but some people like myself do. I think it’s just because it’s getting shoved so far up inside of you that your body freaks out. You’ll have some small cramps for a few days following the insertion, but then they ease up and you’re back to normal!

Getting reassurance yesterday from my doctor that there aren’t any major downsides to having this IUD gave me confidence that made me want to keep it in instead of get it out. If I COULD have any form of birth control, I’d change to this new one called PHEXXI.

My insurance doesn’t cover it and it’s brand new on the market, but it looks absolutely fabulous. Isn’t it so odd how only women have to think about birth control when it’s really the guy who has the power in that situation? Where are the birth control pills for men at!? Phexxi is an on-demand birth control that has no hormones and is 98% effective. Worth looking into if your insurance covers it!



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