Debating Different Forms Of Birth Control With Dr. David Ghozland (IUD, PHEXXI & more)

27 December 2021

This episode features a doctor and his personal opinions. Please consult your own doctor before changing birth control or getting on a form of contraceptive. All other opinions discussed are my own and come from my personal experience using birth control. 

I want to make it very clear I am PRO birth control: but not pro side effects. It’s important to do your research and find the right BC for you before stopping or starting BC. 

Today on The New Unfiltered, I welcome my personal OBGYN, Dr. David Ghozland. I found Dr. Ghozland a few years ago after doing some deep research due to a personal health issue I was struggling with. He will be releasing a podcast episode over the next few weeks on his podcast that discusses what I went through and how he was able to help.

After going into his office and meeting with him, I continued to utilize his practice for not only the specific surgery I got but also as my ongoing OBGYN.

He chimes in on other forms of birth control on the market like PHEXXI and his thoughts on how birth control will progress in the future.


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