Styling Tips That’ll Ensure You Always Look Good In Photos

16 July 2023

Being photogenic isn’t something people either are or aren’t. It’s something you can achieve with a few outfit tweaks and posing tips, and also being aware of how cameras work! And if you want to take a few good pictures this summer, hitting the beach with your friends and late night dinners with your family, you might just have to adjust your photography strategy. It’s why we’ve listed a few style tips below that’ll help you take some candid shots you’re truly proud of. 

Avoid Pattern Mixing if You’re Going for Impact

Pattern mixing usually looks pretty good. However, if you want to stand out when taking photos, it’s best to wear block colors. Both white and black are classic tones here, but seeing as it’s summer you’ll want to mix a lot of the other shades in there too! Reds and yellows, greens and blues – make sure you wear them all, as they all show up pretty well against a sunlit background. 

Wear Jewelry That Complements Your Natural Tone

The accessories you pair with your outfit need to not only align with your color styling, but also the natural tone of your skin and hair too. Look to your undertone to figure out the best jewelry colors here; you can buy 1 carat diamond rings here, but if you’re pairing gold bands with a ‘winter’ tone, things are going to look a little out of place. You want your photo composition to flow, and that means allowing all the color in your shot to smooth into each other. 

Catch Yourself in Motion

Not so much a styling tip, although it’s good to wear something that moves with you when you’re trying to capture some dramatic images, but try to catch yourself in motion. Take photos as you go, using the time shutter function on your camera or phone. You can also take rapidfire photos as you step back and forth over and over again, essentially rocking on your toes. As you do, make sure you move your arms and hands with you as well – if they just hang by your side, the photos will continue to look unnatural and awkward! 

Understand How Makeup Reacts to the Camera

The more makeup you wear, the safer you might feel in front of the camera. However, if you understand how makeup reacts to the camera, you’ll find it a lot easier to highlight your best features. Using a bright highlighter on your cheekbones, for example, or a liquid blush to contour your cheeks and bring out your eyes, will both show up well on a camera. Combine them with a bold lip and you’ll pull the light into your face, which will really help you glow with the click of the camera! 

Looking good in a photo takes some practice for everyone! Take your time styling yourself and use some different poses to find the best angle for you. And wear the best jewelry for your natural tone! 


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