Alexa’s Industry Secrets

4 November 2019

To succeed in any industry, you have to get better at doing everything that everyone else is already doing. I’ve perfected that skill when it comes to emailing. You can get exactly what you want from an email, no networking events or even business cards required. I’ve spoken about this before on This is Life Unfiltered, and on the site. You can live your life afraid of what someone will say back or think about you, or you can live your life fearlessly and have no fear of rejection. Up to you. I’d choose the latter.

I have three secrets. There are two plugins and one website that has completely shaped how I find a producer or executive to pitch. I used to sit and try every single email variation of a name to see which email would bounce back to find the format. It’s kind of crazy when I think about what I used to do to find an email.

I have some other secrets too, but I won’t release them until I’m really successful.

The website below is primarily for entertainment purposes: if you want to work in entertainment, this is the website for you. I can’t remember how I found this website a few years ago (probably through some ridiculous Google search to find someone I wanted to email) but it’s the site that I found the emails of the 466 producers I pitched before landing Fearless Everyday. Mhm, this baby. Don’t tell anyone or tell everyone because it’s still my prized possession but I figured I’d share it since I tell everyone about these when I’m doing a talk. No one knows about the website or the plugin which is why I am calling it a secret until people start telling me I should download or check out that website!

Right here. 

You also need (it’s free, but I pay $30 because I want to find more emails) and LinkedIn Lead Leaper. Also free. To find out how I advise you pitching yourself via an email, click here. 

Have fun emailing!


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