Fearless Everyday with Zaniya Lewis

28 December 2018

When I was in NYC for the Penn Conference for Women I met Zaniya Lewis: she’s the founder of the Yes She Can Campaign, an incredible nonprofit that encourages and empowers young girls across the country to get out of their comfort zone and pursue their wildest dreams. Her nonprofit gives girls scholarships to get into their dream colleges, which is so great because we know how important the topic of college is to discuss. Many powerful young females and males don’t have the finacial ability or resources to get into the colleges they want to go to, so they end up at community colleges or tech colleges just because they can’t afford their dream school. There’s nothing against community college (I think community college is actually the way to go) but shouldn’t ever person have the ability to attend the school they want to attend, without having the worry about the financial burden that college brings? Zaniya and I chat about her project and college on tonights episode!

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