Woodley + Lowe Takes On Brandy Melville

14 December 2021

We can all agree that companies like Brandy Melville are not one size fits all. Why not? Because no one fits in a one size fits all or we’d all be robots. Being a robot doesn’t sound fun!

When Woodley + Lowe reached out to me, I checked out the line of super affordable cozy, cute and comfortable clothing for young adults and knew I had to get my own outfit and share Woodley + Lowe with you. Growing up, Brandy Melville was a brand that every girl in my high school was obsessed with and everyone online seemed to adore too. As I got older and grew into my body more (hello hips!) I stopped walking into stores like LF and Brandy Melville for one reason: they didn’t make me feel good about my body. Why should a young women feel poorly about her body when she walks into a store and doesn’t fit many of the items that are labeled as if she should fit into one size fits all?

Woodley + Lowe is revamping the whole one size fits all theory, using a size guide between A – D that allows you to wear their clothes tighter or looser depending on how cozy you want to be! They’re exhibiting a pop-up at the Westfield mall in Century City until next week where you can grab a sweet treat the front of the pop-up and view all the stores in the area on the bottom floor, including their shop. I went in yesterday and got caught in a snow storm (fake snow, but still!) while trying on some of their latest pieces, including these super soft sweat pants and socks.

I’ll be interviewing the founders on The New Unfiltered next week but until then, stop into the pop-up if you’re in LA, or hit them up on social media to see what you can get your hands on this holiday season before they sell out of evertyhing!


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