Women for Women take SF

7 April 2017

Zara denim, H&M sneakers, Chaser Brand top

I host a Meetup group for awesome women in Boston (our next one is this Wednesday) and I wanted to bring it to San Francisco for a while. Last night, I decided to host my first one in San Francisco! Most of the women in my Boston group are looking to transition to running a company or doing some type of “side hustle” so they don’t necessary have any experience with running an actual business. The women who joined me last night already run their own company, so it was awesome to experience a group of women who already have their own gig going on!

San Francisco is so different than LA: it’s been rainy and grey the entire 24 hours I’ve been here, so I was surprised people even showed up last night! If you follow me on Snapchat (I just added the icon so you can follow me at the top of my blog) you’ll see my rainy adventure to get my favorite almond milk bubble tea last night. I ventured out in an actual hurricane for it, but oh boy, that tea is totally worth it.

I’m heading to Sacramento now to join Simone of Body by Simone and Janice of Toney-y-Bands for a segment on Great Day Sacramento tomorrow! I’ve actually got 2 segments line up: one on swimwear and another one on fitness, so tomorrow is going to be a very long but exciting day. Tune in to Great Day Sacramento tomorrow to catch both segments!




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