WildAid Gala at the Four Seasons

13 November 2017

I walked my first red carpet on Saturday at the WildAid Gala in Beverly Hills, CA and it was crazzyyy! I’ve never done anything like that, and it was an incredible experience and opportunity. I had my AMAZING STYLIST (he’s literally my new God) put together a look worthy of my first red carpet outing, and he ended up putting this rad dress together with a Moschino NATURE jacket. I didn’t initially think the glitter and jacket matched well, but when he paired it with the black + white heels, the whole look came together. My style has been evolving drastically the longer I’ve stayed in LA, which I wasn’t expecting when I moved here. Since the weather is always above 65 degrees, I can wear summer clothing 24/7. I went with simple hair and makeup since I wasn’t expecting to get bright red cheeks like I usually do on TV sets (people like to call me tomato), and the simple bun paired well with the extravagant dress. Josh Duhamel told me he liked my jacket, which made my entire night go from 0-100 in a matter of seconds. Can you tell how invested he is in my jacket orrrrr.

LA is such a different scene from NYC. Going out here is the opposite of what it was like in Manhattan- people actually socialize here! Going out in NYC is all about wearing as much black as you can and trying to avoid socializing with anyone besides your core friend group. I’ve heard terrible stories of how fake people in Hollywood are, however I have yet to meet someone who wasn’t as genuine as I’d been hoping. You notice how much happier you are when you surround yourself with people who lift you up instead of bring you down, which is something that I’ve spoken about frequently on my platforms. Don’t fill your feed with people who don’t make you feel like you’re being the best version of yourself.




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