Why Top CEOs Have Mentors

9 September 2021

Am I the only person that doesn’t love the word coach? When I think of a coach, I think of someone whose selling their services of how to improve your life and pay them to teach you how to do that!

The only downside of coaching, and life coaches, is there’s so many out there. Many of them aren’t “authentic” or honest in their endeavors, but are just trying to take your money. Sorry to say it so bluntly, but it’s true. Making sure my mentors weren’t branded as coaches in Mentor Match has been important to me because of that – I don’t want you to think you’re paying for a 30-minute session with a life coach that’s going to simply solicit you to keep booking calls with them to get coached. That’s not what Mentor Match is about – we’re doing just the opposite.

Over the years I’ve interviewed 100s of entrepreneurs who all have their own mentors and coaches. Getting to the top without any feedback or advice from someone isn’t easy. The more people you can surround yourself with in different areas than you work in the better, because you’re never going to stop learning if you surround yourself with different people everyday.

I have a business mentor/business coach Schell Gower, whose been instrumental in helping me build Mentor Match behind the scenes. I read a book called Story Book where I learnt about Schell, and felt inspired to reach out to her. During our call yesterday, Schell told me how she has 5 business coaches of her own! I was surprised, and said Schell, why do you have a coach when you’re a coach?

She said plain and simple – no one has all the answers, not even her!

Regardless of where you’re seeking advice and inspiration from, Mentor Match or not, having someone help guide you towards success is an investment in your future. Want to start a podcast but not willing to invest in the equipment? No one is going to stand by your dreams when you aren’t willing to figure out how to bring them to life.

Do you go home from work everyday and talk to your partner about how much you hate your job? Your partner is going to listen to your frustration and complaints, but they may not tell you the one sentence you need to hear that your mentor will tell you…stop complaining and start making different decisions and new choices.

I’ve had mentors throughout my career and interviews who have told me similar things. Danielle Robay, whose a Mentor Match mentor, once told me to stop caring about all of the criticism I receive about how I don’t have millions of followers yet and channel that into continuing to pursue my dreams. That’s one sentence I think about each time I’m rejected or extra frustrated.

Here’s what I’d ask you to ask yourself:

In 30 minutes you may find your purpose, solve your own life equation towards finding happiness, or land your dream job. What’s holding you back?


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