A Weekend in Zurich

6 November 2017

Everyone who knows me knows I have literally no family. Besides my parents and my two uncles who live in Texas, I’m pretty much an only child. On the mention of Texas, my heart goes out to everyone who was in the terrible attack yesterday. I woke up this morning to seeing the headline, and my heart sunk. I love Texas, and America. Right now, I feel like nowhere is safe, and that’s an incredibly scary feeling. At the end of the day, you can’t worry about the unknown. It’s important to always be away of your surroundings (to your best ability) and live EVERY moment to the fullest.

 I have one older sister but we have a major age gap between us (15 years!) so we’ve never been at the same life phase or lived in the same city. A few years ago, my sister moved to Turkey and got married to her (now) husband, and she had the most incredible and insane wedding. A few months ago, she gave birth to the cutest little boy, and my mom and I finally flew out to see him! Having family in a different state, let alone country, can be rough. I’ve learned how important it is to surround yourself with genuine and real people, and family is just that.

My dad treated me to this Topshop leather jacket for my birthday, and I wore it all around Zurich this weekend. Primarily because I didn’t bring an actual jacket with me (I needed enough room for chocolate, not clothing!) but also because this jacket is a great layering piece. I hate bringing bulky jackets around with me, but a leather jacket will never fail to look incredibly chic and stay perfectly packed away when you’re trying to make room.

This Wednesday, Sophie Elgort will be on This is Life Unfiltered to talk about all things social media and the photography world. If you’re not familiar with Sophie, you’e probably familiar with her brother, Ansel, or her father, Arthur. I’ve been having so many incredible podcast interviews over the past few weeks- I’ve never been so excited for you guys to hear these incredible life stories!




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