#WCW with Alexa, Meet Saumya, Co-Founder at Kheyti

1 May 2019

I love having the chance to interview different people on both of my shows, from up and coming entrepreneurs to kids across the world doing amazing things for the world. I frequently come across people that I’d love to interview but don’t necessarily have the time to interview, or we can’t match up our schedules, so I wanted to start a new weekly profile on Life Unfiltered to bring attention to even more people in the world making an impact.

This week, I’m highlighting the co-founder of Kheyti, Saumya. I initially read about Kheyti on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list (she’s 28) and became fascinated by this incredible company. She also happens to be the only female on the board of the company. Yea, girl!

According to the site, Kheyti designs, adapts and implements low-cost farming solutions that help small farmers increase yield and predictability of produce. They combine these technologies with end-to-end support to give these farmers a seamless path towards income increase. They’ve developed the first ever “Greenhouse-in-a-box” – an affordable, modular greenhouse bundled with full stack services that uses 90% less water, grows 7 times more food and gives farmers a steady dependable income. Boards of major companies are frequently filled with powerful men, and more women should be highlighted who are in powerful positions too. Unfortunately the ratio of men to women in powerful positions will always out number the amount of women, so as a fearless community we can work to bring more attention to female #girlpower around the world. Thank you for your work Saumya!


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