#WCW, NextGenVest Founder Kelly Peeler

5 June 2019

I didn’t go to college but I know so many people who did, both older and younger people who are still paying off college debt X amount of years later. How are you expected to spend any extra time you have enjoying and working hard at your new job when you’re focused on paying off debt? That’s not an easy task, which is where MoneyMentor comes in. So you’re in debt, what now? Money Mentor supplies real educated college students to other students just getting out of college to help assist them (via texting) with necessary resources to escape their debt and move on in life. Their FREE text message service pairs you up with a mentor that you can get free advice from (key word: free!) and also learn about scholarships and grants you might be eligible to apply for.

They work with financial partners that enable them to give you this service for free, so you can focus on more than your debt when you’re just getting out of college. This service is also great for teachers who can get advice from mentors on how they can help their students utilize available grants and scholarships, plus financial aid outside of the classroom. NEAT!

Thanks for this genius invention Kelly and for helping young people get out of their debt sooner!


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