#WCW: Mindie Barnett, Publicist & Author

19 June 2019

I’ve had a few publicists over the last 10 months (once I felt like I couldn’t handle everything going on!) and Mindie has been my favorite publicist so far. She’s the kind of person I want to have a business relationship with now and in the future. Along with being a publicist, she’s also a mother and a published author. She truly does it all, and she shows up to my shoots with 100 more things to do on her list that day. I’m more than impressed with her, so I am labeling her my #WCW this week! I got to ask her 5 questions about being fearless & PR, that I’m putting below! Enjoy!

A: How do you overcome stress or anxiety while in the crazy PR world?

Mindie: This is honestly an ongoing effort for me. I am in a very high-stress, fast-paced industry which thrives on tight deadlines, high-strung media and demanding clients. I adore and admire each and every media member and client I am lucky enough to represent but everyone has expectations and I am not always in control of the final outcome due to the nature of the industry I am in. That said: I do my best to keep my own daily space as “Zen” as humanly possible. I light candles, use an infuser and take a moment to breathe and read an article or sentiment online which is uplifting periodically to combat the daily stresses of everyday work-life.

A: What gave you that push to jump out of your comfort zone and overcome any fears holding you back?

Mindie: I am a survivor, I like nice things and I am a single mother to two elementary-aged kids. I need to excel. It’s a necessity not an option. I also have a team of five talented professionals who depend on me to excel. That’s the push I need most mornings. I am always looking to do more and extend myself a little farther each and every day, as well, all to benefit my family, team and my clients – who I consider family too. My desire to reach for more is all the push I need.

A: What advice would you tell people now who are trying to become a publicist or author?

Mindie: Both professions require extreme discipline and writing ability. After you’ve got that set – developing a thick skin and being creative. I’ve heard “No” many more times that I’ve heard the word “Yes,” but I never settled at “No.” It just provided me the drive I needed to find another path. Believe in yourself, grow a thick skin and stay true to you is all you need to conquer the world of public relations or publishing.

A: What is a typical day like for you?

Mindie: There are really no two days alike. But this was my day today: I woke up, did some bookkeeping, answered emails, got my kids ready for school, drove them to school, did a few errands for the business, got to the office, replied to some producers, followed up on pitches, did four conference calls with clients, did two prospect calls with potential clients, researched topics to pitch, booked two clients on radio shows and one on TV, helped my team navigate a few issues to avoid fires, took a meeting out of the office, came back to the office and answered more emails and wrote a speech for my book talk I’m giving in New York on Thursday, did another conference call, came home: took my daughter to her 5th grade dance, picked my son up at baseball practice, came home to feed him, picked her up at 9pm, got them ready for bed, answered more emails and a client call with a doctor I represent and went to bed!

A: What skills have you acquired that would help you communicate a message through PR?

 Mindie: I was a news anchor/reporter for 10-years so I think my communication skills are very strong. That said: I think my ability to calmly listen to a client and have a good understanding of their needs and concerns out of the gate helps me do my job as their media advocate that much better.

A: How do you find the confidence to do what you do and not back down so easily?

Mindie: I fake it some days if it’s a very intimidating situation but most days I just know that I am a good person, a hard-worker and just want to please people. Everyone wants to end up with a smile at the end of the day. My client with the great press and the media with a great story. Mission accomplished!


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