#WCW: Coolhaus Ice Cream Founder Natasha Case

10 July 2019

Natasha Case is the genius behind Coolhaus ice cream. After taking her idea to Coachella to test it out with her co-founder, (fun, girly and delicious ice cream sandwiches to be sold to the public) Case realized she was on to something. You’ve probably see Coolhaus on social media somewhere: the ice cream is a hit among the millennial crowd. How could ice cream (as simple as it is) be transformed into something sexier and cooler than it’s ever been? Her passion for women inspired her and her co-founder to focus heavily on women empowerment as a drive to make the company a success. What’s even cooler is Natasha went from working a corporate job at Walt Disney to launching an ice cream company! If you ever think it’s too late in life to pursue your true passion, it’s never too late.

Natasha, you’re making life cooler and sweeter than before. Keep rockin’ and empowering women all over to start their own company and eat treats while doing so!

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