2 October 2020

The first EVER Be Fearless Summit was a major success. I’m beyond thrilled at how the day went, even though there were a few complications in the morning with sound and spelling, we managed to pull off a very successful summit. Having never dipped my toes into virtual projects before besides a few Zoom calls with other people, I’m so proud of my team and myself for bringing it together.

2020 is the year of pivoting, get used to it!

We’ve brought all of the talks to YouTube for you to watch throughout this weekend if you need some inspiration. Beginning with the introduction talk from Samhita Sen of UC Berkeley and myself, followed by the keynote with Mik Zazon – the remainder of the talks can be watched here.

Morning introduction with Alexa Curtis and Samhita Sen:

Morning Keynote with Mik Zazon:


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