Why You NEED to Vote, Kamala Harris vs. Joe Biden

28 August 2019

All views are my own. I am a Democrat and I stand by my personal views but that doesn’t mean you have to agree with me. I advise you to think about future generations and which President will make the best decisions going forward. If you’re a Democrat like me, here’s some helpful pointers.

November 2020 is not here YET but the Democratic debate happened a few weeks ago. I watched both nights and made my own opinion on who I think should win. As long as Trump doesn’t stay in office (can you believe this is even a potential option?) I’m happy. I’m nervous if not enough people vote that he has a pretty high chance of staying in office and that’s why I want all of you to start researching and thinking about who you might vote for. This is an important election and you don’t have to spend hours researching candidates to decide to AT LEAST vote!

Kamala Harris vs. Joe Biden:

Kamala Harris grew up in California and Joe Biden grew up in Pennsylvania and then Delaware. Biden has a bit of an edgier side to him that the public has seen (including what happened to Anita Hill, the reason my mom decided not to vote for Biden in 2020) Kamala Harris has kept a cleaner track record. I won’t go into detail on Anita Hill, but I encourage you to research on your own. As the former VP, Joe Biden has been through the rounds of everything relating to politics. He knows what it means to be in office. He also maintains that he is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump. That’s up for debate depending on who in the party you are going to vote for!

Kamala has always been involved with politics and was a longtime prosecutor before entering the race. She has fought for abortion rights (I believe strongly in a women’s right to choose) and equal pay. If you’re a women, you may be able to associate closely with Harris’ viewpoints. Since she’s the first African American and Asian woman to run, Kamala speaks about racial injustice. However, since I’m familiar with the justice system and how corrupt it can be, I’m biased when it comes to discussing prosecutors. Harris wants to close the pay gap between prosecutors and public defenders which I stand by. I wouldn’t mind having a female in office FINALLY!

There are many other candidates out there who may take your vote over these two! Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker are just as strong as the two I discuss above. Comment below who you are thinking about voting for and why you want to vote next year.


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