6 November 2018

I knowwww you’re seeing so much online today about voting, but I couldn’t help put up a post to encourage all of you to VOTE! I’m not sure why there is so much interest in voting this year opposed to other years: perhaps it’s because of the current wacko in office or because of Taylor Swift, but either way voting is and always will be important. I’ve been voting since I was 18 years old and I usually head to the polls but since I’m based in LA now I had to mail my vote in last week. I was a little late to getting my ballot in the mail this year since I’ve never mailed it in before (it’s a very official process) but it got to Mansfield, CT just in time!

Most young adults don’t vote for a few reasons: the most common being that people don’t know what to vote for or who to vote for. Voting is better than not voting: you don’t need to be the most informed human on the planet to vote and use your voice. You just need to know what core values you believe in (like are you a Republican or a Democrat?) and from there, you can evaluate who to vote for. If you don’t know who to vote for: ask your parents, your friends, or your teachers for some advice and then make your own decision! There’s no harm in asking questions.

Please vote. Young people have the power to change and do so much. Yes ONE VOTE COUNTS. Use your voice!


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