Get Ready in Under 10 Minutes

27 December 2016

I’m so sick. UGH! If you haven’t gotten sick at all during the holiday season (yet) just know that I’m very, very jealous of you.

I usually put my YouTube video up on Monday, but because of my cold, I wasn’t feeling well enough to try and edit. I got a velvet jumper thing by GUESS back in October, and never wore it because I forgot I had purchased it! I came across it while I was cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago, and figured it could be the perfect addition to a new video. I highly suggest cleaning out your closet for the new year…you may be very surprised at what you’ll find.

See the video below, and remember you can always swap out items to recreate a new look with one piece. I’ve worn my jumper with a skirt, shorts, a dress…the options are limitless. For $35, I definitely got my moneys worth. Even though $35 isn’t a ton of money, for the amount of outfits I got out of one piece- it was totally worth the splurge to me.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas!

Videography by my amazing new videographer, Akwasi. See his work here:




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