18 September 2017

Do you remember when you were younger and you tried out for the basketball or volleyball team? The minute you found out whether you made the team was like the biggest surprise ever. That’s how it feels when you get your RSVP approval to London Fashion Week shows. It’s stressful, nerve-wracking, and incredibly intimidating. For shows like Topshop, getting on the list is as hard as picking every red Skittle out of the box.

Luckily, this year I got to sit front row which was very, very exciting! Honestly, the clothing was quite heinous! But the show space was new, and really cool. Located in the heart of Covent Garden, the Topshop show space was an incredibly packed mosh pit of fashionistas, drinking champagne and talking about fashunnnnn. Traveling with my best friend Gabe makes every (not so fun) experience 10000x more fun. Not that watching models strut down a runway in Topshop clothing isn’t fun, but the atmosphere is a bit too intimidating for me.

When we took our seats before the show started, I was sweating so much because of how hot it was in the show space. I don’t know if they wanted the models to lose all of their water weight on the runway or what, but no fashion show space should be as hot as the Topshop space was. Hailey Baldwin, Jourdan Dunn and Joan Smalls all walked down the runway, which was pretty rad since we were sitting front row. I was so close to Hailey Baldwin I could’ve accidentally tripped her, or given her a hug. Either would’ve been fine and incredibly Instagram-worthy moments. I decided to stay calm and not react. I was more concerned with overheating and passing out in front of her.

I’m not sure if anyone else has posted about the Topshop show, but the clothing was absolutely heinous. Nothing but the mini bedazzled black dress was appealing. For such a massive department store, it would’ve been easy for them to put cute clothing on the models. I can’t figure out why all of the outfits were so ugly. But hey, it’s fashion, and not my business. I did respect how much diversity they incorporated into the show. I’m noticing many more designers are incorporating different skin colors AND shapes into shows this season, not just one or the other. It’s incredibly refreshing to see models who you can relate to. Freckles, birth marks, thighs (!!!)

Before we went to the show, we ate frog legs, French fries, and roast chicken at Le Garrick. I’d eat frog legs everyday if I could. That was one of the most delicious and satisfying meals of my life. That’s all for now, I’m off to bed in Paris. 🙂




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