The Test of Time

2 October 2019

Wearing the Be Fearless stickers, available for purchase here

Last week I hosted an Instagram live Q&A where a bunch of you asked me questions on everything from when I want to get married to how I deal with times being slower. I think the second question is a really solid question worth addressing. Many of you have noticed that I’m not working on the show I had for the last year any more (that’s what happens in entertainment, things end when they are meant to!) and that ending in August threw me into this new chapter of my life. I had been so comfortable going into an office for the first time IN MY LIFE! that I forgot about what my end goal was. Instead of focusing as much on what was coming next like I usually do, I got into a pattern and forgot about the next step. And then it ended, and I all of a sudden didn’t have to go into this office any more or attend weekly meetings etc. besides the rest of the work I have with my company. It’s been an adjustment for me because there are days when I wake up and I have 2 phone calls or one meeting and nothing else before or after that. Now that it’s October things have picked back up again, but as an entrepreneur there will be many times when things are slow and you just have to shut up and deal with it. If you write 100 emails on Monday and you wake up Tuesday with no more people to email or follow-ups to have, go for a run, buy a new book or write your own book!

There’s always something to do and now you can let your imagination run free a bit until the next big opportunity comes your way (and IT WILL!)

Listen to more on This is Life Unfiltered below.


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