This Startup Founder Invested All Her Savings: With No Regrets

4 April 2022

This is part of a sponsored episode of The New Unfiltered with SY The Label.

If I could live, eat, breathe and workout in workout clothes, I would. Who wouldn’t!?

A few weeks ago, I interviewed the founders of Woodley + Lowe, a streetwear brand geared towards young adult women, modeling after Brandy Melville. Talking to the two founders really made me realize how young people are struggling more than ever with finding their identity and landing their dream job. With so much time spent on social media, finding out who you want to be seems to take a lot longer now. I always say how fortunate I am to have grown up without Instagram and TikTok and I’m only 24!

The founder of SY The Label is young: Leslye Young took out all of her savings and her retirement fund to launch an affordable athleisure company during COVID. To do that during a pandemic takes GUTS, and I’m excited to have her on the show today to discuss building a brand during the pandemic and her advice for startup founders who don’t have capital yet but still want to pursue their most fearless dreams.


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