How A $40K Loan Took This Founder To Success

16 December 2019

When I was introduced to Chandler Chang, I was immediately impressed with her journey to success. After working as a private therapist for 12 years, Chandler decided to open up her own “Talkspace” inspired practice in downtown Los Angeles. Her aunt committed suicide which inspired her to continue to break boundaries and create an open conversation around mental health. But opening up a company like this didn’t happen overnight. Chandler has had to perfect the craft of not only continuing to be a rockstar therapist, but figure out how to maintain a therapy practice in a changing world of mental health and online therapy. Welcome to Episode 1 of Founder Files!

More info on Chandler: Using evidence-based treatments and a compassionate approach, Dr. Chang offers expertise based on almost two decades of clinical experience, both in private practice and at prestigious research-oriented psychology programs, including UCLA and NYU’s Child Study Center, and an undergraduate degree from Princeton University. She earned her Ph.D. at The University of Georgia, a program renowned for its promotion of evidence-based practice and clinical research. She has a passion for incorporating science into psychological practice and a mission to train other therapists in this way while providing affordable mental health services for all.


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