The Post-College Blues: What Next?

20 May 2019
I didn’t go to college, but if I had I would be graduating this year. So many of my friends graduated over the weekend, and I’m excited for all of them!


I feel like I would’ve been completely lost once I left college. I remember when I left high school and transferred to online school. The entire experience was isolating at the beginning. I was teaching myself everything I hadn’t been taught in life yet about being an adult, and I was 17-years-old.

Having to grow up overnight isn’t easy, but when you leave college society expects you to simply grow up ASAP. It’s not that easy! I went from being in a daily routine surrounded by people to being completely on my own with no one telling me when to do school or what to do when I’m done with my school work. Luckily I had my blog to pursue which is the main reason I decided to skip college, but I certainly feel for the young adults out there who leave college and feel a little lost…

I think all humans have times when they feel lost, even if they’re successful CEOs or just out of college students, so I created a mini checklist for you to use if you’re feeling like you don’t know how to occupy your time over the summer prior to landing your dream job.


Don’t get too caught up in the hype of feeling overwhelmed if you still don’t know what career path to pursue. Let this summer be your gateway to finding out your true passion- get out and try new things, live at home and find a solid internship to gain experience from…whatever you decide to do, be okay with the fact that you might not be totally okay until you find your place and purpose in the world. Until then, keep exploring!


Be Fearless and get out of your comfort zone

The best thing you can do straight out if college is not give yourself too much time to settle. Summer is certainly a time to relax a bit, but I don’t think that’s a reason to become lazy. Stay busy with a hobby or a part-time job, so that you don’t find yourself overwhelmed job hunting come September. Start researching jobs immediately and spend a few weeks drafting a pitch to send to potential employers. That’ll certainly set you apart from the rest of the crowd.


 Keep in touch with your school. Your professors may have the contacts you need!

If I had gone to college, I don’t know how many people I would’ve necessarily kept in contact with after school ends. You might feel like it’s time to move on to the next thing, but you spend enough money on your education to keep in touch with the people you met during your time at school. One of your professors or guidance counselors could have previously interned or worked at your dream job and can make an intro!


Don’t get caught up in the moment. Getting frustrated won’t help!


Try meditating or exercising (CrossFit is always a good way to let off some steam) if you haven’t before. Get active and occupy your time until you get a full-time job, your new employer will love the fact you’ve done more than sat on the couch for the whole summer!



Even though internships are often unpaid, one will give you importance experience and an opportunity to add something new to your resume. If you can’t afford to move out and intern, find an internship that’s 1-2 days a week. Everyone can afford to work and spend a few hours doing something else that will help you get a job sooner (more experience = more money quicker!)


For more help if you’re feeling lost, listen to past episodes of This is Life Unfiltered. You’d be surprised at how many entrepreneurs spent YEARS feeling lost until they found their purpose!


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