The New Unfiltered: Surrounded by Idiots

1 November 2021

I’m incredibly fascinated by personality types. I’ve always been super intrigued by watching and understanding how people communicate. One of the reasons I really enjoy what I do is because I feel like I have this innate understanding of people, which is a trait I’ve had since I was a kid! Having this acute awareness about people doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with many other aspects of my life, but the people part I feel like I’ve got sorted out. One of the reasons I love what I do for a living, especially presenting, is because human connections and relationships is such a critical part of finding your purpose.

A book I’ve been reading called “Surrounded by Idiots” (Thomas Erikson) identities 4 different personality types: green, yellow, blue and red (I’m red). Different than horoscopes and the love language test, understanding these 4 personality types can help you succeed in all areas of your life and work environment.

What personality type are you?


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