24 August 2021

Last season, you met me in my most unfiltered form. I was co-hosting Season 1 with my best friend Alix, and then I moved to Austin. Filming a podcast, running a summit company company and trying to focus on everything in between became way too much for me. So I took some time off from the podcast world, and I’m excited to be back, and more fearless than before.

I filmed this episode back in March, right when I got back from Istanbul. Remember that crazy snow storm in Texas? Yep, I almost didn’t move to Austin because of that. But wow, I am so glad I didn’t listen to the part of my brain that was trying to convince me not to come here. If I hadn’t moved to Austin, I probably wouldn’t be officially dating my incredible boyfriend (yes, you can be a successful businesswoman and a successful girlfriend too – BALANCE!), wouldn’t have received the tremendous amount of publicity surrounding Mentor Match, and wouldn’t have found true happiness.

This season, meet new friends of mine, get new questions answered, and learn how to be your most unfiltered and fearless self.

A new episode airs every Monday at 5 AM EST!

The New Unfiltered is back! After 150 episodes of my prior podcast This is Life Unfiltered, I took a step back to focus on building up the Be Fearless Summit & Mentor Match.

Couldn’t be more pumped to be back interviewing founders, talking about running a startup & answering new questions every week. New episode up at 5 AM EST every Monday 🎙

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