The More Rejection You Get, The More Success You See

7 February 2022

A few weeks ago I was interviewed on a young founders podcast surrounding mental health, and after our interview she was asking me questions about how I deal with rejection and get used to the process of falling down and getting back up. Rejection has always been something that entices me because I don’t have one story of rejection where I regret having been rejected. Looking back, in the moments where I’ve faced most of my rejection (personal life and business life) it wasn’t always easy for me to feel confident by being told no: rejection isn’t an exciting feeling like being told yes is! BUT, over the course of my career, every no I’ve been told has led me to some type of yes that’s gotten me way closer to my end goal.

In the episode I describe a story of rejection that has stuck with me through the years. It was when one major executive rejected a show idea I had pitched him before I even moved to LA: I sat outside of the office in Burbank and cried for hours after the meeting. When I landed back in Boston, I remember feeling so frustrated for weeks that I didn’t feel inspired to work or write. After about a month, I started getting the itch to email people and start writing even more. That fire inside of me is what led me to landing Fearless Everyday on Radio Disney…which filmed in the building directly across from where the first executive told me no.

What would’ve happened if I had listened to him when he told me I wasn’t good enough to ever get a show on my own? I would have never landed my Disney show or seen everything that came after leaving Disney.

I have countless stories similar to that one AND guess what? I have moments every single week where I’m rejected and have to remind myself of that story to keep myself on track towards my end goals. Just because I got the Disney show doesn’t mean I’m not rejected now…I’m rejected just as much as I was then.

If you aren’t willing to not accept the word no, you’re not willing to allow yourself to experience the different phases of life that will lead you to the success you’re looking for. Rewire your brain each time you’re rejected towards getting a little closer to feeling inspired to keep moving forward after you get the no.


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