The Decision To Stay In School, Or Not?

30 November 2020

Over the past years I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many incredible young adults, including many whom have joined the Be Fearless Summit program or interned for me to learn the ropes of working in business. Since COVID happened, I’ve been so curious how young adults are coping with being home all day.

I did SO poorly finishing high school from home. Though I’m a huge proponent for online school, my love for having the flexibility of doing school from home doesn’t mean it’s easy. An intern who used to work for me messaged me this morning tell me she’s coming to LA and decided to put college on hold, which I applauded her for because it takes a certain type of responsibility to feel comfortable leaving and finishing in the future.

I’d honestly suggest all of you stay in school as crappy as it is right now virtually. That being said, if you’re desperate to leave school right now because of the financial or mental strain on being home all day, I’d ask yourself the below:

Does your dream job require you to have a college degree or not? If you want to be a lawyer, doctor or financial advisor, you’re going to need a degree to get a job. If you’re thinking of pursuing something more creative in social media marketing or photography, you may be a candidate for taking a step back from school.

Will taking some time off allow you to pay back the debt you’re in and get you close enough to catching up on your finances when you head back?

Will you be able to deal with the shame your family/friends might inflict on you if you decide to stop halfway through college? 

I think the decision to leave school during COVID comes down to deciding what your end goal is. If you don’t know what your dream job is, that is TOTALLY fine too! I’d encourage you to make sure you’re bringing in some type of revenue or pursuing a side hustle before leaving college.


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