The Alexa Curtis Way To Pitch

14 December 2020

Writing emails can be a waste of time if you’re not getting to the point soon enough. I hosted a few talks last week via Zoom, one in particular with a nonprofit, and I was asked a question by one of the students about how to decide which idea to pursue. If you’re a serial entrepreneur, which means you have tons of different ideas and sometimes struggle with choosing the one to pursue, I encourage you to read the below paragraph.

One student I spoke with is a great reference point for helping you decide which idea you want to focus on primarily. This student, let’s call her Megan, has a food idea, an eyelash idea, and a social media design company. She hasn’t been able to bring in consistent revenue for any of her ideas, which is probably due to her being spread too thin with not enough resources to bring one of her main ideas to life. My suggestion for Megan was to focus primarily on the social media graphics, reaching out to local companies in her area asking them if they’d be interested in testing her services out for free for one week, and then incorporating some of her social media posts to include the eyelashes and the food videos.

By doing this, you’re building one brand while making her other interests visible but not super important until the money starts to come in.

To pitch, scroll through the graphics below to get the best bang for your buck and not waste your time on pointless emails!


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