The 2020 Teen Gift Guide

30 November 2020

This is part of a sponsored opportunity with some of the brands listed below that helps Life Unfiltered with Alexa run. I’ve tested, actively use and love all of the products described!

This year doesn’t feel like any year similar to what we’ve experienced before…but it’s the holidays, and therefore you need to open up a gift or a bottle of wine and chill out. I’m not a fan of people saying 2020 sucks, let’s all cancel this year (insert any other negative sentence about 2020 here) etc. because we only get ONE LIFE to live. Things happen, and the world isn’t always perfect. It’s frustrating, and sad, and disappointing, but you must make the best of the situation. How I make the best of any situation is by giving back.

I’ve been volunteering twice a week at the local shelter to help hand out food, buying gifts for people close to me and taking days off every week (even during the weekday) to have fun and enjoy life!

Below is a list of my favorite items for young adults to gift your friends/ family this holiday season. I’ve been compensated for this post by many of these brands but I have tried and used every single one of these items and couldn’t suggest any better gifts for the teen in your life.


I’m a die hard Pironii candle fan, but I now have a second favorite candle brand. Vela Negra handcrafted candles not only smell amazing, they’re so sexy. I have two of them in my apartment and the smell when I take off the lid fills my entire apartment with happiness.



I’ve been waiting for a company like Athena Club to pop into my life. Razors that are so sexy you kinda want to keep them in your purse? Heck yes. Vitamins for women that don’t taste bad and come with all the ingredients that fills the gaps in your diet? YES! I’m really into the subscription shaving club concept because spending money on razors is such a pain and it saves you a trip to the store each time. Drugstore disposable razors are not good for the environment, are too expensive, and can be such low quality that you walk out of the shower looking like your legs were never shaved in the first place! With the new year coming, it’s a good idea to stock up on self care before Athena Club sells out so your 2021 self care plans stay in order!


My mom is so hard to shop for. She hates things she calls “trinkets” which is what most people want for the holidays. She’s a perfect candidate for items from Green Goo, a brand that has more than just hand sanitizer. Green Goo has offered to give 10-15 gallons of hand sanitizer away to 2 organizations I chose (Big Sunday in LA and Pop’s Clubs). We’ve already begun the process of distributing out the sanitizer, and they let me choose a bunch of products to test out for this gift guide. Their hand sanitizer actually smells like cologne: it’s CRAZY! I’m gifting my parents the hand sanitizer in “wildcraft” and some of the dry skin salve, while I keep the tattoo care.


After waiting close to 1 month to choose the perfect desk, my Work from Home Desk arrived and I was blissfully surprised at how easy it was to put together. This desk is truly the perfect desk for blogging, podcasting, and doing school work, plus anything else you may want to do from a desk. For someone who is not handy at all like myself, this desk couldn’t have been easier to put together. I’m hooked!

All of these items are perfect purchases for your teen this holiday season!


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