Teen Holiday Gift Guide

7 December 2017

I’ve been working on this for awhile trying to find the perfect brands for this guide. I haven’t done a post like this in quite a bit, but I’m really excited as I’ve been able to try all of these products and think they are perfect for any and all teens.

1. Fitz+Hen Charm Necklaces:  

What I love about this company “besides the rockin woman who started it” is the simplicity of the charms. I’m a huge fan of the hustle necklace and I also dig how guys and girls can rock these pieces.  Any chance I can get to support women entrepreneurs and start-ups is a chance I will take!

2. Civilized Coffee  DIY Cold Brew Coffee: 

If you read my post a few weeks back on making your own cold-brew, you’d know how much I love saving money and drinking quality coffee. I came across civilized coffee and thought that the concept was genious for teens, parens, and just about everyone in between. If you’re looking to become a real “adult” I suggest treating someone to a supply of quality coffee beans and  a mason jar from Civilized Coffee this season.

3. Linger Fragrance Primer (to stay fresh before and after school): 

For the girls who don’t always have the time to shower right after the gym, Linger is a lasting fragrance primer that you put on under your regular perfume that last 3-5  times longer than your average perfume. It is alcohol-free, oil-free, and a fantastic way to get your scent to last you all day. Use code LINGER1 for 10% OFF!

4. nuyu

For the college kid at-heart, nuyu offers clothing that you can customize depending on the school you attend. Between cozy joggers and sexy sports bras, you are bound to be the most spirited student on campus. Have I mentioned how affordable the prices are compared to other athleisure?

5. CliqueFie Selfie Stick:

Selfie sticks are the trend of 2015, CliqueFie is bringing them back in 2017 and better than ever before. CliqueFie offers selfie sticks and select accessories that are chic and great quality. Use code ALEXA20 for 20% OFF your first purchase!

6. LIFIE Hand-Crafted Movies: 

Aspiring videographers and photographers, Lifie takes you one step closer to having high-quality, edited videos for less. I was very impressed with the video they made for me from my Lake Tahoe trip and it was like having a video editor at the tip-of-your-thumb.

7. FinFun Mermaid Tails: 

Maybe you’re a teen buying for a sibling or you’re looking for a gift for the child in your life, but aren’t we all “children” at hear? Fin Fun offers mermaid and mermen tails, as well as a variety of ocean-apparel for all kids. For the full mermaid experience you can actually swim in these tails thanks to Fin Fun’s patented monofin. There are dozens of colorful designs to choose from with new ones being added monthly

8. Craft City Slime Kit by YouTuber Karina Garcia:

Karina Garcia is a YouTube and Instagram queen, boasting millions of followers who tune into her weekly videos that are great for young adults and kids. Her slime kit is unlike no other, and you can create your own custom slime to glow, sparkle and pop! It’s a fun acitivty for kids at holiday parties, too.

9. Dannini Jewelry

Does your teen need a bit of jewelry to spruce up her day? Well, Dannini Jewelry might be the brand you need. Designed by a husband and wife team whose passion for love and life inspire them to create the most breathtaking and romantic jewelry, the magic began 15 years ago when the newlyweds traveled to the Caribbean to spend a romantic, life-changing honeymoon. The company now specializes in high-quality diamond jewelry, with a big bridal custom business. Say goodbye to David Yurman and hello to everything glitter and gold!


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