My TED Talk!

13 February 2018

I speak frequently about rejection, and how rejection is a part of my story. Getting older means learning about how to handle new battles, and rejection is definitely a battle that I deal with on a daily basis. Entrepreanur or not: you’re going to face people telling you no. Colleges, relationships, and even your parents as you get older, and it’s up to you to determine how to move forward with a no that might feel like the end of the world.

Something my therapist always tells me is that even when I feel down, and like I’m constantly getting rejected in the entertainment world, is that something new always does pop up. On the down days (we all have days where we don’t feel 100% OKAY!) I force myself to constantly think about the future, because that’s the healthiest way to grow as an individual. If you’re finding yourself getting caught up in what’s going wrong, just know that things do get better. No one deserves to be unhappy.

My TED talk is inspired by the Warner Brothers executive that totally turned my idea for a TV show down last year. I thought I had hit my breaking point last year, but when I moved to LA I proved to myself that no one besides myself can tell me no.

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