Tackling Teen Skincare with Kyle Richards & Alexa Curtis

26 March 2018

Photography by Jillian Moffa

I flew to New York last week for a panel I was asked to participate in on teen skincare & acne with Clearasil. When I was asked to be a part of this, I was absolutely thrilled, because many mainstream brands don’t focus on body image and mental health. They focus on affordable products that you can buy at the local drugstore. As convenient as those products are, many of them don’t tackle the meaning behind why consumers buy them! For a brand like Clearasil to take part in the revolution behind body image is a huge deal, and really shows how important body image truly is.

I flew in to NYC a few days early for some events and meetings, and woke up eager to attack the day on the morning of the 22nd! Clearasil was kind enough to send me a bunch of product to test out in my hotel room, so I spent the night trying their entire product line. My mom was even excited when I got asked to participate because she grew up with Clearasil too- and it’s the kind of brand that is truly a household name. The Gentle Prevention pads are my go-to, when I’m on the go, walking out of the gym, or heading to a dinner date!

They rented a super cool space on the West Side, and had mini cakes, donuts and kale salads for lunch so that the audience could eat up! Of course, I dove right into both the cake and the kale salad because #balance is key.

On the panel was Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, along with Barbara Greenberg and Jennifer MacGregor, and myself as the moderator. I got right in to asking the ladies about how they teach their kids about proper skincare, and body image, from a young age. All three of the moms agreed that the earlier you can introduce the topic of body image into the conversation, the better skills your teen will have as they get older.

Check out my video below for my entire adventure!


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