Episode 94// Arielle Patrick, SVP of Edelman

23 October 2019

This episode was inspired by Freshbooks, my go-to invoicing platform. During this episode Arielle and I talk about the importance of pursing your passion, not what society is constantly throwing at you. She’s an entrepreneur, but she also takes home a pay check from the company she works at. You don’t need to run your own company to be happy or success.

As a business owner, staying organized is crucial especially when you travel a lot. Even if you don’t run your own business, you have to take care of your personal finances in and out of the office. I know many of you are back in school and juggling tons of different assignments in your college classes, so you may want to check out EssentialPIM. I use this platform to track all of my daily tasks and my passwords. I feel like I’m constantly changing my password on my iPhone, so this app helps keep everything organized for people in business like Arielle and myself.

I sat down with one of business’s youngest SVP’s Arielle Patrick to discuss PR and expectation management in the digital age. Arielle and I met when I was living in NY and interning at Guest of a Guest, and our careers have since blossomed! Let’s talk about purpose, getting uncomfortable to be comfortable and landing your dream job.

Listen to more with Arielle below on my weekly podcast, This is Life Unfiltered.


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