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1 December 2021

This is part of a paid partnership with Get Supr, one of my FAVORITE companies.

On Monday’s episode of The New Unfiltered, I go into how I pitched SUPR to sponsor this post after testing the product out for weeks. Definitely tune in if you’re interested in getting sponsorships for yourself or your own company.

Coming up Monday on The New Unfiltered, I’m giving you all my tips about how to get stuff for free. I constantly get asked this question from many of you and it’s one of my favorite questions to address because I love seeing you get outside of your comfort zone, pitch companies, and more!

A few months ago, I got approached by SUPR asking for my address to send me some of their instant coffee. To be honest, I was definitely skeptical when they emailed me – do people even drink instant coffee anymore? I also get sent a ton of product and I don’t honestly test every product out unless it stands out to me, which usually is food or some type of drink. If I get sent it and it doesn’t appear on my social media, it’s because I just don’t like it. I can’t like everything or try everything but I do my best!

The last time I saw instant coffee was my dad drinking it when I went home a few weeks ago but he’s my dad…and he’s older than me! People in their 20s are past the days of instant coffee and on to the days of alternative nut milks and CBD infused coffee or tea concoctions. I’m a coffee connoisseur but my daily almond milk latte with my Nespresso machine at home or at a coffee shop adds up in my bank account. Imagine how much you’d save if you took all of your spare change from that daily coffee or weekly Uber and put it into your savings…TONS OF MONEY!

Not only do I love coffee, I love talking openly about my struggles with anxiety because it’s part of my DNA. I wouldn’t be who I am today, able to sit here and share every chapter of my life with you, if I didn’t share what goes along with those struggles.

I got a few boxes of SUPR in the mail and decided to try the coffee over ice one day because I was in a rush and figured if anything, SUPR would boost my energy just slightly. Coffee is coffee, whether it’s in a packet or in a coffee mug. I remember the moment I took my first sip after pouring a splash of almond milk with some maple syrup in – I was hooked. I still am hooked. I’m traveling an insane amount this month and I feel anxious if I don’t have a packet in my purse because I never know where I’m going to be that I may be craving coffee or something to drink that will help me feel less anxious while working. I’ve noticed that when my anxiety gets bad, having something to drink or touch that isn’t biting my fingernails helps me stay focused and feel less triggered.

I’ve tried both their CBD instant coffee and the regular one and the CBD is needing a refill in my cabinet, it’s just that good. I was so shocked when I drank the full cup the first time because coffee usually gives me the jitters (I still drink it!) but this one perked me up and slowed my mind down just the perfect amount so I didn’t feel like I was racing. If you struggle with anxiety, you know what I mean when I describe that feeling where your mind just won’t turn off.

I believe in the mission of SUPR, the entire team behind the company, and the passion the brand has to make instant coffee sexy again and give you the chance to save money and drink exquisite coffee every day.

Use code ALEXA15 for a special discount off of your first purchase.


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