Curvy Style with Avenue

9 August 2018

Man you guys, I am EXHAUSTED! Two back-to-back TV segments and 5 AM wakeup calls this week, I feel like I need a nice long weekend with no technology and no stress! This morning I appeared on FOX LA to talk about back to school style options for ladies on a budget! Since I don’t focus too heavily on fashion anymore, when I do participate in a fashion segment, I like to make sure that it focuses on social media and mental health too. In my opinion, the Internet can stem so many negative feelings and emotions for young women, like depression and anxiety, and because of that we’re all left feeling like we have to fight on our own. This world is cutthroat, and survival of the fittest doesn’t even begin to describe what the entertainment industry is like. To see these 5 models be so confident and happy with themselves & being surrounded by other strong, powerful women this morning was so freakin’ inspirational for me: you can waste your time trying to change parts of your body and your mind, or you can do something completely different and fully accept yourself! How cool would it be if EVERY chick & guy loved themselves from the inside out?

The outfits were provided by:

Glasses by Zenni Optical: $50 & under for prescription & regular sunglasses, with a massive variety

The first two models are wearing looks by Curvy Sense with glasses by Zenni

Backpacks supplied by T-Shirt and Jeans

Jewelry from Fitz+Hen (hi, Margie! Check out her podcast episode on This is Life Unfiltered)

The last three looks were supplied by Avenue 

I don’t care WHAT SIZE YOU ARE: you are BEAUTIFUL. You are worthy. You are the definition of strength. Believe in yourself and all that you’re worth!


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