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13 February 2017

Bik Bok clothing

How funny is the name Bik Bok? I’m really hoping my sister or mom doesn’t read this post, but I left one of my favorite outfits in the world somewhere between a plane, train, and car. I knew I was shooting with a Stockholm photographer while I was in town, and the minute I realized my bag was missing, I freaked out. There goes $250 of the most beautiful, brand new, elegant clothing from Anthropologie. Oh well, life moves on.

So, I went out and about shopping in Stockholm to prepare for my shoot. Stockholm has really nice stores, that range from H&M to Bik Bok (lower end), to a fantastic selection at Zara, and higher end clothing like G Star Raw and department stores. If you’re in Stockholm, you’re set for just about any type of outfit you’ll ever need. I suggest going to European stores like H&M and Zara, because you’ll instantly see how different the selection is in the UK v.s. USA.

Between semlas and shopping, Stockholm was a blast. I’m in Berlin for the next day before I head to Prague! Have any of you guys been to any of the cities I’m going to? Europe is so rad! Everything hear from legal drinking age, to the driving rules, and the people is better than America. Literally. If you’ve never come to Europe, I highly suggest you do now!




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