STOCKHOLM Travel Diary!

12 February 2017

Bik Bok clothing, Banana Republic flats

I’m obsessed with Stockholm. When I first got here, I was freezing, tired, and not in the mood to adventure around. Since I’m only in Stockholm for a few days, I knew I had to adventure around while I could. One of my good friends Angelina lives here, and she agreed to be our tour guide for the day around Stockholm. She showed us just about every place that we needed to see, from a shopping mall, to a coffee shop, to a museum, and I feel like I got the best tour of Stockholm ever.

As you guys know, fitness is a huge part of my life. Whenever I’m traveling, I always try and get in a workout at least every other day. I ended up coming across a studio called Rebirth Fitness online, and scheduled a session with the owner, Michael Glover. After eating gluten-free semlas (cream + pastry) and a latte for lunch, I wanted to get into the gym and get stuff done. My lovely boyfriend came to the first session and filmed us, and I just wrapped up my second session a few hours ago.

If I can say one thing: I’d come back to Stockholm just to come back to Rebirth FitnessI’ve never felt so empowered by a workout, and Michael gave me a personal and inspiring session each time. He’s so passionate and motivated with his work, and it’s rare that you find someone who doesn’t do something for money nowadays. It’s the coolest thing in the world.

Where else do I suggest going to in Stockholm? Nobis Hotel, Riche for dinner, Vete-Kattan, Bik Bok + H&M, and GIRO for the best pizza you’ll ever eat.

This city is rad, and I’ll definitely be coming back here the next minute I can.

P.S. I just found out I’m speaking at Women Empower Expo again in D.C. in May! RSVP HERE!




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