Back in the States

18 May 2017

I am seriously so happy to be home. Being in a country that has little cell phone service is very stressful for me. I’m so Type A it makes me laugh. I was on a tour with my mom and taking phone calls every few minutes- I think people thought I was literally crazy! I’m all for taking a social media detox, especially when traveling, but these past few weeks have been so busy that taking time off isn’t an option for me right now!

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it means that you should absolutely take some time to yourself. My newest article for Awesomeness TV just came out about what I wish I knew before going into high school, which you can read here. When I was in high school, I wish I paid more attention to my mind instead of my body. If you’re younger than me and reading this, just know that life goes by so quickly. Don’t sweat the small stuff (boys and clothes included) and focus on yourself more often than not. My parents used to always tell me how much they wanted to be a kid like me when they were younger, and now I totally see why. As you get older, you have to pay bills, travel, work, and use your time efficiently. ENJOY BEING YOUNG, I PROMISE!

One of the reasons I love traveling so much is because I get to totally immerse myself in a culture. Being in Thailand was sweet because I got to see how the locals live. Compared to America, Bangkok is literally a different world. Between the style, the culture and the street food: it’d be honestly an adjustment to move to Thailand. Something I always try and inspire teens to do is travel. You don’t need tons of money, either. Buy a bus ticket down to NYC (they have $1 deals) or road trip with a group of your friends so that you’re being cautious about money: traveling is worth every penny. Why buy a TV or a new dress when you can buy an experience?

I’m in CT/Boston for a few days before heading to Los Angeles on Tuesday for a week! Got some cool things coming up…stay tuned!




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