Knixwear Endorses All Sizes…And You Should Too

28 November 2017

I walked into Lane Bryant the other day and couldn’t have been more impressed with the models staring back at me on the walls of the store. I’m talking models who have real bodies. Curves, stretch marks…the works. I wrote a post last week on Knixteen, which is the new teen friendly period underwear company. This week, I wanted to write about their sister company, Knixwear. Immediately upon typing in into my Chrome browser, I was thrilled to see models of all sizes on their website. It’s great to be slim, curvy, or in-between, because every body shape should be equally celebrated and accepted. Knixwear is similar to Knixteen because they both sell stylish underwear, but Knixwear has a much larger selection of items compared to the teen brand. I’m wearing the sports bra above, which I ordered in a size large. It fits like a comfortable glove. Occasionally when I’m exercising, I battle with not being able to find sports bras that are comfortable and let me be active without holding me down. This particular bra doesn’t come with any extra padding (which is awesome for young girls) and is incredibly easy to put on. How’s this bra different from an Aerie or Victoria Secret bra? When you hop onto the Knixwear site, you’ll see that they take pride in having clothing that women of all ages can wear.  Knixwear sells very wearable and normal active clothing. Second, this bra wasn’t a hassle to put on because of underwires and difficult straps. Whenever I workout in clothing from a high-end retailer, I find myself looking good in the gym, but I always have to compromise comfort for fashion. Knixwear has managed to bring together two key aspects that many active companies can’t bring together: comfort AND style.  

I also really like the pattern undies, as well as the jump rope and stretchy bands. I’m glad to see a company have fitness clothing & workout gear on their site! If you’ve never seen stretchy bands before, I totally suggest adding them to your cart. They got me the booty I never thought I’d have!

The next time you look in the mirror, remind yourself how beautiful you are. Because you are.  




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