Effectively Using Your Time At School

12 September 2018

If you’re in middle, high school or college you’re already back at school. Getting adjusted to being back in school after spending the summer out of a school environment can be hard to get used to. It’s easy to get stressed out and begin to feel like you can’t do it all, but it is possible! You have to use your time wisely and avoid procrastinating to make sure that you have enough time in the day to get everything done. Here are some tips for effectively using your time during the school year.

  • Limit your social media use. Everyone is mostly on social media these days and it’s a great way to stay in touch with your friends, however it can be a big distraction as well. When you are back in school, it’s important to limit your use of social media. After school, make sure to get your homework done before you jump on Instagram. Trust us, social media isn’t going anywhere but your grades will be if you don’t give school enough attention! You can still text or call your friends to find out what’s going on, but don’t feel ashamed about putting your phone on do not disturb.


  • Set a specific time aside each night for homework and studying. When you have a daily schedule of what you need to get done, it will make staying focused easier. Some people prefer to do homework right after school, while others prefer to wait until the evening. I always enjoyed making myself a snack (like peanut butter with apples) after school before I started on my homework. Food is fuel!


  • Get organized. Organization is key to being successful. Get yourself a planner that you can write down your daily schedule in: school, activities, and any assignments you need to get done should be put in your planner. It’s easy to forget about certain things when you don’t have them written down somewhere. At home, keep all of your school books and papers organized so they’re easy to find when you need them. You’ll feel a lot better when you’re organized!


  • Give yourself downtime each day for hobbies. School is important but it’s also important to have time for outside activities. Some people join clubs or sports at school but maybe you prefer to just do a hobby at home. Find something that you love to do and make time for it every day. It will help you feel less stressed. It can take time to find a hobby that you really enjoy but you’ll be so happy when you do! Think about what you enjoy and see what hobbies you could start from there – if you love music, you might want to learn an unusual instrument like the drums and search out the best drum machine for live performance, for example. If you like reading, maybe your hobby could be writing your own novel. If you like movies, perhaps you could make a hobby out of creating stop-motion animation. It can take time to find a hobby that you really enjoy but you’ll be so happy when you do!


  • Get enough rest each night. Sleep is very important especially during the school year. A good night’s rest should be about 7 to 8 hours of sleep. When you’re well rested, you’ll perform better in school and be happier as well. Going to school on too little sleep can really affect your performance and make you just feel miserable. Being alert and ready to learn each day is what you should strive for and if you find yourself slacking, you might need to take a day off. I call those mental health days: adults and kids need them!


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