Social Media Dos and…Definitely Do Not

3 September 2019


Fearless followers, it’s September and school is back in session! With school comes the anxiety of keeping your social media pages up to date with the latest trends, viral videos, and challenges. Have no fear because I am here to help you navigate the digital world with a quick list of what to do and not do for your school season when it comes to social media.

I want to remind everyone that social media is a public forum. What you post will remain online for the rest of your life. It is only a reflection of a part of your personality, so you should always put your best foot forward. For my first do of this list, always proofread your post. Since what you share with the world will be there for a long time, make sure to show people you are well spoken. Even if you delete a post, someone could still have screenshot or captured the post. Including a potential employer! It looks good when your post is easy to read, and your point comes across clearly. 

Secondly, you never know who is looking at your feed. I was going through a college feed the other day and saw a few pictures of students who actually posted themselves with alcohol on their feed and tagged the school. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest anyone do that. It could be your crush, an employer, or a long lost relative who is looking at your profile. So, don’t post anything your mother wouldn’t approve of. Before you post something, take an extra few seconds and ask yourself if you’d like your boss to view this.  If the answer is no, don’t post it. Whether it’s your opinion, the latest meme, or a vacation photo, if your mother or boss wouldn’t want to see such a thing, keep it to yourself and share it with your friends IRL! 

We know social media is a virtual reflection of the outside world, and the outside world is full of scary and hurtful things. The benefit of social media is that you can customize your page to only show you the things you want to see. So, before you follow a page or join a community, be sure that what you are about to follow brings you joy in life. Social media is an escape from reality. If you love puppies, find a group that’s about puppies and join. If you notice someone is posting creepy or hurtful things, you have to power to unfollow them, and you should. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life. 

Speaking of negativity, we’ve been scrolling through our newsfeed only to see our streak of memes be interrupted, by an aggressive essay like post of someone shouting their political opinion into the social media. Don’t be that person. Social media is not a political forum. Secondly, you don’t know who you are going to offend, so it’s best just to stay away from those topics on social media. I try and voice my opinion when it comes to politics more IRL than online. They will only cause unproductive fights in the comments section. If you want to discuss politics, the classroom is a much more acceptable and productive setting. 

Moral of the story, you should be liking your friends posts and tagging them in things you find funny. Social media is a great place to tell jokes and keep up with old friends. So, for my final Do, never stop being social, engage with your friends, and use it to share and make new memories. 

The first day of school can be scary, but it’s also the first time you are seeing your friends in person after a long summer vacation. Don’t let the hoopla of social media distract you from the people around you. When you are on social media, remember these tips. Always proofread your post, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want mom to see and only follow things that make you happy. Have a wonderful semester!


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