Fearless Everyday with Snuggle Sacks

28 December 2018
TONIGHT ON FEARLESS EVERYDAY: I welcome 3 special and incredibly young guests to the show who are doing so much to change the world. Snuggle Sacks – Survival Kits for the Homeless founders (all under 18!) told me how they stay fearless when giving survival kits to their community. What incredible young people they are!
More on SS “Snuggle Sacks are survival kits full of basic essentials containing food, toiletry, and clothing items that a homeless person may be in desperate need of but don’t have the ability to supply for themselves. Snuggle Sacks purchases the items needed for each snuggle sack, assembles the sacks, and distributes the sacks to area homeless shelters.”
Listen to Fearless Everyday tonight on Radio Disney at 9 PM PST! #fearlesseveryday


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