Why I Went Skydiving

6 July 2018

I’ve been a scaredy-cat since the day I was born on October 15, 1997. I was the kid who would go into the doctors office and make every doctor in the building confirm with me 300 times that I would not die from a shot, or the innocent attendant standing at the roller coaster that no one had died that day from a ride. To say the least, I’m neurotic, in the best way possible. 

When #FearlessFridays began, I knew I wanted to push the boundaries for myself and continue to get out of my comfort zone, in the hopes that it would inspire you to as well. So I went skydiving, which is the most out of my comfort zone I could ever get, and I survived. Not going to lie and say I didn’t have SO MUCH anxiety the weeks leading up to it, but I conquered my biggest fear: dying in the sky. So, what are you going to do this week to get out of your comfort zone? And no, you don’t have to do something as crazy as skydiving to get out of your comfort zone! Introduce yourself to someone, start a blog, start an Instagram page, enroll yourself in college…! We all have something that scares us, and we all deserve to conquer that fear. I overcame mine this week: what are you going to overcome?

Thank you CPI Skydive in Ellington, CT for making this experience extremely memorable and not letting me die!!




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