Skateboarding with Carson Kropfl

14 September 2018

I’ve always wanted to learn how to skateboard and surf. I like to consider myself very good at paddle boarding (probably because there’s a lot of security when you’re paddle boarding that you don’t have when you’re surfing) but surfing kind of freaks me out. Not going to lie, sharks also freak me out!

I came across Carson Kropfl when researching young kids impacting the world for my show on Radio Disney, and I met with him yesterday at the studio to talk about his company Locker Board. He basically takes recycled boards and makes them into skateboards that fit into your backpack, which is an awesome invention for kids who are skateboarding to class and need a skateboard that’s a practical size.

When he walked into the studio, I knew I had to get him to teach me how to skateboard after the interview. He started the company when he was 11, and now at the ripe age of 13 he can say that Richard Branson is his main investor for the company. How cool is that?

His interview will come out in a few weeks, but my fearless Friday of this week was learning how to skateboard and get over my ongoing fear of dying! I think I did well, what do you think?



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