Entrepreneur’s, Don’t Give Up Just Yet

27 May 2020

How often do you find yourself frustrated with simply getting up and working, or pursuing something? It took over 1 year to get my summit program up and running & I was completely on my own during that entire time period. 1 year is NOTHING in the startup world: after 10 years, you might need to evaluate. That being said, whether your company is instantly successful or whether it takes a few extra years to get it up and running, you never give up. Keep case studies on hand, and never stray away from doing new ones. This way, you’re constantly tracking your target demographic. The world is always changing, and you want your brand to equally adapt.

We advise you to keep your head up by making sure you’re bringing in another form of revenue is some form. Like to graphic design? Make a profile on Fiverr. Like social media? Make one on Upwork and get crankin! If this is the idea that makes you want to get up in the morning, you’ll do what it takes. Trust me!



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