30 January 2020

The mindset episode!

Having a positive mindset can be difficult especially during the times when things aren’t going as planned. In my area of work, that’s ALL of the time! With what I’m pursuing for a career path and who I’m trying to become, I don’t have expectations. I stick with goals and ideas but I’m ready for wherever the world wants to take me.

Towards the end of last year, I found myself going between high and low, having trouble finding a common ground. I was happy, sad, angry, happy again, FRUSTRATED!…and I started to realize that I had lost the middle ground I so desperately need to thrive. So I started some new trends for me in 2020, including my morning mantra and going to bed earlier.


My biggest goal for 2020 (besides having a successful summit, or two!) is to get another show. I made a sticky note and put it on my wall that says

You will get another show.

After my morning meditation, I look right at that sticky note and I say it over and over until I finish my meditation.

Think it, live it, do it.

I’m pretty notorious for having a 10:22 PM bedtime, but I’ve started going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I don’t mind being in bed by 8 PM and asleep by 9 PM if that means I have to not go out or cancel a dinner. I like my life this way, and I have less trouble sleeping the earlier I go to bed. Try it!

Breathe. I think we all forget to breathe and funny enough, it’s kinda the most important part of living. Breathe deep. Smile when you want to and cry when you want to too.

Xo, Alexa



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