Self-Care Practices During Your Time Of Month

3 August 2021

This is in partnership with hannah USA.

Last year, I did a post on my experience with birth control and removing my IUD. It’s been months and I still stand by my decision: removing my IUD was the best decision. The main reason I removed my IUD was because I just began to realize I didn’t want this foreign object in my body without knowing any long-term side effects. I listened to a podcast with the founder of Phexxi (an on-demand birth control I use) and she said that she’s pretty certain the pill gave her breast cancer, which was enough for me to question all birth control methods! After having an IUD since I was 17 (and loving it – truly was really great, especially as I experimented sexually and really found myself before I ended up in a long-term relationship) I got older and took a lot more attention to things like birth control, skincare and overall wellness. With old age comes wiseness, and with that comes being a lot smarter when you’re intimate with someone!

The ONLY downside to getting my IUD removed (almost no pain to have it removed, unlike when it went in) was getting my period back. After not having a period for years (which I heavily questioned my OBGYN about, and he said not having a period was actually good for you…) I was surprised to go right back into my normal menstrual cycle. Tampons and pads had been foreign to me for years, so an adjustment period was expected. I bounced back in no time and now have a monthly period which I use an app called Flo to track. That app is genius!

When Hannah approached me, I really saw the vision for the company and appreciated it. I’ve tried a lot of organic tampons, including LOLA, and hate them all. Which sucks, because they’re so good for the environment. But having a period is uncomfortable in general, I can’t spend an extra 15 minutes shoving a tampon that doesn’t even work inside of me, ya know? I’m a big Tampax girl, because they work. What’s remarkable about Hannah is that the pads and underwear are totally reusable – and the brand gives back, too! Upon purchasing from the brand, they give menstrual cups and pads to women in Ethiopia.

Having a period isn’t hard for me anymore – and I no longer feel restricted to using “organic” tampons that don’t work or mainstream ones that harm the environment. Hannah is where the future is heading, and already at!

Extra benefits of Hannah pads:

Less to no itchiness
No added chemicals, herbicides, pesticides.
Non-dyed cotton.
Reusable for 2-3 years (some of our customers use it for longer, but we recommend changing after 2 years. (Economical – saves you money)
Certified organic cotton by the Control Union
FDA certified


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