My 24 Hours in Seattle

4 February 2019

Being fearless has a different meaning for everyone. Sometimes it’s jumping out of an airplane, sometimes it’s trying a new food…and sometimes, it’s just living in the moment with what is. On Friday I was sitting at my desk  feeling a little bored writing similar emails pitching people about the summit (I love my job! But sometimes things get repetitive, which applies to anyone at any job) and I decided to fly to Seattle 2 hours later. I literally booked my flight at 1:30 and the flight to Seattle from LAX was boarding at 3:50 PM. I texted a few of my friends asking them whether me going to Seattle for the weekend was nuts, and all of them besides 1 was like yep totally nuts.

I obviously only listened to my friend Hannah.

I booked the ticket, closed my laptop, ran home to change and throw an umbrella in a bag, and grabbed an Uber to LAX. On the flight I started talking to the guy next to me getting advice from a local about what to see and do with 24 hours in Seattle. When I landed, he showed me to the train and told me what area to book my hotel in so that I’d feel safe walking around at night. I went on HotelTonight and booked a hotel in downtown Seattle, right near the market. Though it was more expensive than I was hoping for, I typed in my credit card number and literally didn’t think twice.

I ended up having the best weekend I’ve had in so long. I missed out on two LA events (not that I ever enjoy events here anyway) and every Superbowl party filled with hot guys and probably a lot of drunk people (I hate sports, and I no longer feel ashamed to admit it) to live the life I talk so much about on social media: the one of fearlessness, and living a spontaneous life.

What did I ultimately walk away with after this trip? The realization that there are very few surprises left in life. While my friends and parents were busy being so concerned about why I just bought a ticket and left (I can’t count on both of my hands the amount of messages I received asking if I was OK, had my head on straight…blah blah) I was meeting eating the best food in Seattle, treating myself to an overpriced oat milk latte every hour, meeting new people, and finding myself.

Don’t ever second guess yourself or think twice about being spontaneous. As long as you’re being safe, you have absolutely nothing to lose.



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